We are a small, family-owned and operated business that ships out of Louisiana, USA. We ship 6 days a week (excluding holidays)

Tiger Edge began in 2010 when our founder, Evan Shelley, was finishing his business management degree at Louisiana State University. (Geaux Tigers!) Evan had spent years starting up small businesses but didn't find a passion in any of them until a family friend suggested he visit a local gun and knife show for inspiration. 

Having grown up in southern Louisiana, he spent most of his summers out in the dirt hills chopping trees, building forts, crafting tools, etc. His mother loves telling the story of Evan receiving his first throwing hatchet as a teenager and immediately discovering the only underground powerline in his yard by accident.

For Evan, knives, axes, and machetes were a perfect fit from the start. Having lived near a big city his entire life, he understood the practicality of carrying self-defense items like pepperspray and a small pocket knife. At the same time, his love of the outdoors motivated him to carry high quality fixed blade knives and machetes at affordable prices so that his customers could enjoy the outdoors as much as possible without breaking the bank.

Tiger Edge is committed to setting a standard for exceptional customer service and our goal is to offer high quality products at competitive prices. 

We offer free shipping and free returns to all of our U.S. customers and a 60-day returns period on all unused items.

We hand-select each product that we sell and stand behind the quality of each item. If your order isn't what you're expecting, please reach out via email ([email protected]) or text (985-377-9394). We are more than happy to assist!

Evan Shelley -- bushcrafter, hiker, history buff, conquerer of map games,
Kelly Shelley -- fitness queen, most wins in Catan
Maria Rossi -- lover of kitties, philosophy, rock climbing, and clay crafting
Honey -- retired senior cat living her best life, lover of kibble